Halal Honours Card is a movement, made up of like-minded individuals who believe that being a Muslim student should be fun. And affordable. At the same time.

The Halal Honours Card is the gateway to accessing a huge range of discounts at the places YOU would want to go to, without compromising on your beliefs. With your Card, you can save money at the best Halal places to eat, relax and socialise, meaning you can be a Muslim student who has fun, without having to drink, or spend lots of money.

Your Halal Honours Card is valid till the expiry on your card. After your card has expired, you can purchase a new one!

No problem. We know this can happen. That's why we offer one free replacement Halal Honours Card per year. Just drop us an email if you lose your Card, and we'll pop your replacement in the post

Most of our partners offer discounts of between 10% and 20%, exclusive to Halal Honours Card members. This is typically between Monday - Thursday. However, some offer discounts 7 days a week. All discounts and the days they are valid on can be seen on the website (under each partner's page).

Discount will be applied on the food you have ordered for yourself. In places where it's not necessarily easy to determine this, the manager's discretion will be applied.

Simply fill the complaint form on the app and we'll investigate it.